2010 Christmas Matchbox Swap Day #1

Well, Ashley and I joined Linda over at A Swap for All Seasons when she hosted a 25 Days of Christmas Matchbox Swap. We had a blast decorating the 25 little matchboxes.

December 1st matchbox is from Denise. Thank you sooo much Denise.

Inside was this little bell.

Again, thank you Denise. We love our little matchbox.


  1. Day one is off to a good start. Hope you have lots of fun with the countdown.

  2. Hi there Michelle,
    I have your No.1 box! The crystal ornament is lovely. Thankyou so much. Because of the time diferences I'm 1 day ahead of you and am already showcasing my No.2 box. This is beginning to get fun trying to track down where our own boxes have gone.
    Cheers. Valerie W.

  3. Love it!! I used a candle ring to recycle the pinecone and flower. PomPom nightmares for a while after fighting with the glue gun...but we became friends again. lol Hope the jingle bell reminds you and Ashley to believe in the Magic of Christmas!! DeniseMarie