A Swap for all Seasons...Brooch Swap

Ashley and I particiated in Linda's Brooch swap. We want to thank Kelly and Wendy for being our partners.

Here is what Kelly sent Ashley. We love the bright colors. Thank you Kelly for such a wonderful brooch.

Here is what Wendy sent myself. Not one, but two brooches. Thank you Wendy. I am wearing the pearl one today.

Here is what I sent to Wendy.

Here is what Ashley sent Kelly.

We hope you both will be able to enjoy the brooches. Thanks for swapping with us.


  1. Thanks for sharing these! I love how you and Ashley used a pretty hankie to present your brooch :) Wasn't it such a fun swap? Linda is a marvelous hostess!

  2. I love the creative ways you guys sent out the pretty brooches! Fantastic Idea
    And thanks for joining in on the Whimsy Pocket Swap! It'll be fun! Tee

  3. Hi Michelle!
    I'm Karen, from http://karensmondaymusings.blogspot.com
    You and I are partners in the Whimsy Pocket Swap. Let's make contact and swap addresses. I'd also like to know more about you and your passions! Have a great day!