Amy's Nine Days of Easter Swap!!! Day 1

Good morning all,

I joined Amy for her Nine Days of Easter Swap. A couple of ladies were unable to complete the swap, but I wanted to post and thank those of you who did send in a package.

For Day 1 (the original One dropped out) Amy created a cute little easter bag and included some painted clothes pins and a paper mache egg. Where did you find the eggs at Amy? I'm thinking I could do something creative with them. Hmmm...

Thank you Amy for hosting this swap and for the wonderful gift you created at the last minute for us.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. I got them at Michael's! I wanted to decoupage them for each of you but I ran out of time. I'm hoping everyone will decorate their own and post them later. So much potential in those little eggs!


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