Off to the Treasure Hut in Carpinteria and beyond...

On Friday mom, Ashley and I took off on a road trip through Carpinteria to Solvang in order to pick up some sewing supplies and pick ourselves some berries. What a great time we had. We even stopped at Pea Soup Anderson's and had a yummy lunch.

Here is the Treasure Hut. It's a house that was converted into a store.

Here are some houses across the street from the Treasure Hut. I luv taking pictures of cute little houses.

Here are a couple of cutie pattootie houses right next to each other connected by the white picket fence. Ashley just doesn't know it yet, but this is how I invision us living, me right next to her forever. I can just see her eyes rolling to the back of her head!!! HA!

Well, hope you have a great day!

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