Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Yesterday was dad's birthday and he wished to go to dinner at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour in Santa Clarita. Okay, we have not been to an arcade in such a long time, but what happened to Pac Man, pinball machines, etc. The games in the arcade were soooo different, but Grandpa and Ashley played 'til their hearts content before we were called for dinner.

Ashley swore that grandpa was stealing the tickets she was winning, but he disagreed. HEE HEE!!! They sat us down for dinner and we had sandwiches and/or burgers and fries. This is normal for mom and Shannon. Something I am going to look for now is a stained glass light. Check out some of the patterns on these. Sure are pretty.

This one is my favorite. Lady Liberty stood behind our table. Next was ice cream time. They pounded the drum, rang the fire bell, and sang happy birthday to grandpa to the beat of the Adams Family Theme. We then got to dig into our ice cream.
After eating, grandpa and Ashley wanted to go racing. Before Ashley was born, grandpa had a race car and the family traveled around California and Arizona racing. Ashley sure wishes she had been a part of that. :-) Anytime she can challenge grandpa to a race, she WILL!!! Grandpa swears that he was about to lap Ashley, but she believes different. She claims he was "eating her fumes" the entire race. Last but not least, we got to get some candy for the ride home. What's your favorite candy???

Well, that was our weekend. Hope you had a good one too!

Until next time.


  1. Thanks for the great memories of Farrell's. I spent my 16th birthday at the Farrel's here in Portland, Or, but we have since lost that great place to celebrate life!


  2. Happy B-day to your Dad!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time! =)